Carrots with jasmine blossom

Carrots with jasmine blossom

Fine carrot jelly, light carrot purée, jasmine blossom yoghurt with Voatsiperifery pepper.

I love working with vegetables: beets, cabbage, asparagus… and these are only some from the list. For me they are, to some degree, a symbol of nature’s generosity and at the same time a simple product, which I like elevating to a fundamentally different and higher level.

The work with vegetables sincerely envelopes me. I have always wanted to deliver the taste of carrot, a popular and common root crop, whose crispness and slight sweetness reminds me of my childhood. I have been imagining a dish with the raw vegetable as an ingredient, since I often ate grated carrots as a child and these memories are firmly stuck in my memory. The jasmine blossoms were the first addition, and several years ago, I complemented them with green peas.

The combination of carrots and jasmine creates the impression of sweetness and tenderness, which I smooth with the slightly sour taste of jasmine blossom yoghurt. Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar gives a note of spice and freshness.

Despite the fact that the dish consists of one major ingredient, it is not the least bit monotonous! I use a variety of carrots (depending on a garden and season!) including the “carotte des sables”, the Deep Purple, the “Jaune du Doups”, the Purple Haze, and the White Sarin, which all have different structures, colors, and levels of sweetness.

In this dish, I play with textures as well. I make carrot jelly from fresh carrot juice. The tender yoghurt is made of milk infused with fresh jasmine blossoms.

The tender carrot purée is reminiscent of whipped cream. The wild Madagascar Voatsiperifery pepper, added at the last moment, continues the floral flavor of jasmine and slightly sour taste of yoghurt.

This dish is my own interpretation of sweet and sour, a concentration of freshness and a slightly sour taste.