Plural beetroot

Plural beetroot

Beets of various textures with Blue Mountain coffee and barberries.

Beet is the taste of childhood for me; it is one of very few vegetables that I loved. I enjoyed its soft but crisp texture and its dark red color. Its subtle bitterness and sweetness was emphasized with the slightly sour taste of vinegar, which my Mom would dress it with.

I wanted to give this vegetable, which is associated with memories of the school canteen, its glory back. It was evident to me that the alliance of beet and coffee is foolproof. Coffee allows the beets to express the flavor that they lack alone. I have chosen the exquisite, well-balanced Blue Mountain Arabica coffee grown in Jamaica with generous aroma and slightly sour taste to pair with the beets.

In this dish, I use several sorts of beets with various degrees of sweetness and bitterness, such as the classic, well-known red beets, the ancient Crapaudine beets, yellow beets, Chioggia beets, and Egyptian flat beets. The true vivacity of this dish comes from dried barberries – the red berries that are often added to wild game. The beets and coffee create equally expressed tastes of sweetness and bitterness; the barberries do break this straight line and emphasize the singularity of this ensemble. The beets are cooked in a pressure cooker in the shortest time possible, to preserve their flavor and color.
Finally, all of the elements of the dish are fused to ensure its success through a tender mousse made with butter infused with coffee, because the fat component is the true accelerant of flavors. Using infused butter is one of the fundamental principles of my cuisine.