Filled with soft, lightly smoked Banon, watercress consommé infused with ginger and bergamot.

These Berlingots contain the essence of my entire cuisine. This dish represents the fruit of my attraction to everything bright green, boldly combining different flavors and colors, childhood, and the whims of nature…

The basis of the dough is green tea, exhibiting interesting bitterness; its shape is the traditional caramel treats from Provence, reminiscent of candy shops in the south of France. This conceals goat Banon, a unique product of the French Alps, like a magic basket. The form is the result of long reflection that helps me to deliver, as closely as possible, the extraordinary taste of the filling, playing with seasonal produce, while remaining like a sweet candy. My childhood passion for unique treats and irresistible attraction to grassy freshness inspired me to create these Berlingots. I cannot resist anything bright green; I want to see, feel, and taste the wonderful gifts of the land, and to express their flavor in as many of my dishes as possible.

In early autumn, my Berlingots joyfully play a tune with forest mushrooms accompanied by mushroom consommé infused with Tonka beans and wild Madagascar Voatsiperifery pepper. Bright green watercress encased with spicy ginger and bergamot is their worthy mate. The Banon is aged in dark chestnut leaves, which gives the cheese a tannic flavor of sous bois that blends perfectly with the zest of spicy watercress. I emphasize the taste of the latter with ginger and bergamot giving a bright, floral note. This provides a view of everything that is going on around me: the change of seasons and of the products that I love so much.