Welcome to Gourmance, where my heart beats quicker, and where day after day, year after year my cuisine is brought to life. Welcome home!

For me, cooking is sharing feelings and impressions, and I want to invite you into my world and extend a warm welcome! In the past, I could not even imagine that gastronomy would become my entire life. Of course, my childhood was permeated with the flavors of heartfelt dishes prepared by my mother, but one day I decided to dedicate myself to becoming an interpreter. However, as soon as I received my diploma, I realized how much cuisine means to me. When I was 23, more than 10 years ago, I travelled to France to learn the intricacies of this fascinating profession as deeply as possible. My teachers were the most famous masters; they developed in me a sense of taste and delicacy, a careful attitude toward food, a constant striving for perfection, and an uncompromising attitude toward quality. But all this was not enough for me. When I came back to my Motherland, I decided to completely trust my own sense of smell and intuition, relying on experience and warming myself with fond memories. I worked tirelesёsly to improve my technique, and when I mastered my technique I felt free, and learned to combine flavors and aromas like a perfumer, to develop my own style, while retaining simplicity and sincerity. I needed time to think about my cuisine: the creative process requires serenity and a long time.

This plays with the contrasts and similarities found in my cuisine; I am always looking for a true note in fragrant and complex sauces that ennobles the taste of my dishes.

My vision comes from the classic French cuisine tradition; I refine and reinterpret it in my own way. The combination of flavors and sauces are my favorite means of expression.

To experience this, I suggest that your experience must appeal to all five senses.

First, to your taste, because it is a complex and global sense that allows us to taste the dishes. To completely unfold, however, requires the support of the other four senses. Colors, shapes, textures, and the structure of an entrée all contribute to its flavor. These senses help to create the feeling of anticipation for relishing softness and elasticity, temperature, lip perception, bursting bubbles, and a crunchy crust…

Using the five senses, I strive to arouse your emotions and feelings.

Enjoy your journey.