Blue lobster

Blue lobster

Roasted in lobster butter with lightly smoked velar berry consommé, strawberry-barberry chutney, and Burpee’s Golden beets.

This dish expresses my love for elegant taste and bright expression: its ingredients significantly expand my creativity with a palette of colors. Many years ago, in my attempt to complement the taste of lobster with the fruity notes of red berries, spices, green pepper and grassy freshness of celery, I created a dish that soon became one of my benchmarks. Today I offer you a unique interpretation of lobster, which expresses the evolution of my cuisine, particularly with regard to my sauces.

To achieve balance and taste precision in this dish, I decided to omit butter and olive oil to make its taste more natural and to preserve everything that nature has given us. The idea to serve lobster with wild berries and Japanese Dashi interested me. I have increasingly used Kombu and smoked tuna Dashi broth, which is a basic element of Japanese cuisine, in my cuisine. It is a vast palette for my self-expression, as well-prepared Dashi allows tremendous flavor complexity.

However, the right Dashi requires utmost precision in preparation to avoid heat denaturation of its components and the transformation of flavors. In this dish, my Dashi is infused with wild berries. The smoked flavor of tuna is complimented by the wild berry flavor and makes the dish more sophisticated by blending the sourness with a transition from woody to floral and berry flavor. In order to escalate this effect I use strawberry and barberry chutney, which I combine with Burpee’s Golden beets. For me the latter is a sort of a bridge that completely intertwines the lobster and berries.

In some respects this dish reminds me that summer is never too far away, and when I taste it I hear its sounds in my ear.